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Top Reasons Companies Hire Virtual Assistants

October 30, 2020, Florida, USA – (https://okayrelax.com/vas-can-help-me-survive-the-pandemic/) One doesn’t hire a virtual assistant to simply have workmates even while working remotely; one invests in a personal assistant service in order to continue being productive no matter what situation arises. In one of our latest articles, OkayRelax discusses how an online personal assistant can help you - and in turn, your business - survive this pandemic.

OkayRelax New Blog - How Sleep Deprivation Affects You and Your Business

The National Sleep Foundation (2015) recommends that adults should have at least 7-9 hours of sleep at night. However, studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control or CDC show that 35% of adults get less than that. We at OkayRelax believe that to be better on our businesses (and just about on everyday things as well), a well-rested, adequately-slept individual is the first requirement.

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OkayRelax New Blog: The First Timer’s Guide to Setting Up a Homeschool Room

While parents homeschool the children, other tasks do not have to sit undone an entire day, week, or even month. Hiring a virtual secretary is the needed fix whether it’s doing a quick research for a family business, replying to calls and emails, or simply looking up homeschool courses for the children, it gets done right when you want it with a competent online virtual assistant around. Looking to hire an online assistant does not have to add up to every parent’s neverending list of tasks. OkayRelax can get you the best virtual personal assistant you’re looking for.

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OkayRelax Releases Blog ‘How Hiring a VA Can Help Your Business During COVID-19’

July 13, 2020, New York - (https://okayrelax.com/vas-can-help-your-business-during-covid19/) In one of OkayRelax’s most recent blog posts, ‘How Hiring a VA Can Help Your Business During COVID-19’, the author discusses various aspects of how businesses are adapting to the economic situation brought about by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and how virtual assistants can help businesses adapt to what is now being referred to as the ‘new normal’. A global health and economic crisis making its rounds in countries across the world is not something to be taken lightly, and is something that significantly involves each and everyone of us the world over.