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Work-From-Home Tips: Finding the Balance Between Life and Work

March 2021, Florida, USA — (https://okayrelax.com/wfh-tips-work-life-balance/) Hiring a Virtual Assistant, or a VA, empowers you to take control of your professional and personal life because he or she can assist you in managing, overseeing, and accomplishing tasks that often come in the day-to-day operations of your business, thereby allowing you to have the time to focus on your personal life. Visit the OkayRelax website to see the entire blog post “Work-From-Home Tips: Finding the Balance Between Life and Work”, and to know how to conquer the challenges of working at home.

Writers Can Benefit from Hiring a Virtual Assistant

January 2021, Florida, USA – (https://okayrelax.com/writers-can-benefit-from-hiring-a-virtual-assistant/) Hiring a virtual executive assistant is proven to be a practical investment for writers as there are a wide range of benefits of hiring one. Writers may delegate research tasks to VAs making it easy to start a write up with filtered and organized information on the side. To know more about quality virtual secretary services, visit the OkayRelax blog. There are detailed benefits of hiring one to help boost writing productivity.

OkayRelax New Blog - How Sleep Deprivation Affects You and Your Business

The National Sleep Foundation (2015) recommends that adults should have at least 7-9 hours of sleep at night. However, studies conducted by the Center for Disease Control or CDC show that 35% of adults get less than that. We at OkayRelax believe that to be better on our businesses (and just about on everyday things as well), a well-rested, adequately-slept individual is the first requirement.

See more here: https://okayrelax.com/sleep-deprivation-affects-you-and-your-business/